DIY Home Audio New Speaker Kits

SpeakerHardware has long been the home for DIY pro audio and instrument speaker cabinets. We’ve always had a smattering of home audio kits, but that’s now changed. A whole new lineup of home audio is now at the DIY Home Audio Speaker department

We are proud to announce that SpeakerDesignworks has joined our stable of innovative speaker cabinet designers. Their cabs embody the concepts SpeakerHardware was created for. Interesting, innovative, excellent designs that the DIY’er can build at home and have an amazing system. There are 6 new kits, including the famous “Statements”, with flat packs from 3/4 baltic birch available. Assembly videos will be sent with each kit showing the correct assembly procedure using the easy techniques we’ve acquired from many years of kit design. They can all be built using minimal tools and quick assembly.

Also added into the DIY Home Audio is the excellent “David” from long time designer Bill Fitzmaurice. We’ve collaborated with Bill to create two versions of this excellent horn loaded sub, MTM top design speaker. A budget version that gives excellent performance, and a no holds barred break your walls audiophile version. Assembly and kit instructions are available directly from Bill.

6, count em’, 6 subwoofers for your home system. The incredibly easy Simplexx subwoofers by Bill Fitzmaurice. The high performance Tuba subwoofers are horn loaded for massive amounts of bass. The THT by Bill will get you a 20hz horn. The Table Tuba a 30hz horn. The newest contender is the Comp Cube, a tuned labyrinth that’s extremely flexible in driver choice, and comes in 3 sizes. An out of the box design, it far outperforms it’s size class, as is the hallmark of all the BigELoudspeaker Designs.

Stay tuned. Much more to come. Oh, and here’s some more train pics.
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Shipping & Inventory Update

 Business is booming, and flat pack and shop built orders are once again stretching lead times. Plywood availability is an issue.

Expect at a minimum of 4 weeks for any shop built order.  6-8 weeks for custom flatpacks.  We are not accepting custom built cabs at this time, only flatpacks.