Just go home

Some days it just doesn’t pay to try.

I have a David flat pack that needs to be finished. They’re a complex cutout, use damn near every tool in the shop. I’d done all of it but the sides and baffle front, yesterday. I know better than to do complex cuts when it’s late in the day, so I left them for this morning.

Get to the shop, the laptop won’t boot. It says no HDD. It’s an SSR drive, so I assume it’s dead. Run back across town to print out the David plans. Not having the sketchup available is trickier, but I was doing Bill Fitzmaurice cabs long before sketchup came around. His sometimes mind twisters take a bit of interpolation, they used to take a lot before the plans became so excellent.

I get the sides laid out, and start the rough cuts with my jig saw. 1/2 way through the last cut, I break a blade. No big deal, except that I discover I’m out of blades. I need the saw for the rough cuts on the baffle also. I finish the side cut with a handsaw, figuring I’ll get a jigsaw blade when the hardware store opens this afternoon. Except it’s Father’s day, and they’re closed. The odds of Wally World having a bosch jig saw blade are pretty slim.

Okay, I figure I can make the access panel cutouts. I use a 1/8 upspiral in a Bosch Colt router, which allows me to make the cutout and the panel in one operation. I get it out, and it’s broken. In the protective case. Sitting on the shelf. I know it wasn’t the last time I used it. The alternative method requires the jigsaw.

So I think I’ll do some speaker testing on the new MVW 2 speakers. Wait, the laptop is broken.

One of those days. What really sucks is it’s only about 75 degrees today. Working in the shop with all the doors open is a pleasure. A no wind, cool day perfect for testing speakers too. Netflix and chill I believe is the order of the day. It’s Father’s day, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing anyway.

Here’s bunch more train graffiti pics for your edification.

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Shipping & Inventory Update

Shipping will be closed from Dec 22 through Jan 8th.  Happy Holidays!

Please email about any order that includes drivers for availability. 

 Business is booming, and flat pack and shop built orders are once again stretching lead times. Plywood availability is becoming an issue.

Expect at a minimum of 4 weeks for any shop built order.  6-8 weeks for custom flatpacks.  We are not accepting custom built cabs at this time, only flatpacks and fEARful/ Fearless bass cabs.