Comp Cube Subwoofer Flat Pack
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Comp Cube Subwoofer Flat Pack

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The Big E Loudspeakers designed CompCube is a Slot-Loaded Acoustic Labyrinth mobile audio subwoofer. Unlike a traditional Acoustical Labyrinth the CompCube employs variable cross section geometry with the terminus at each end of the labyrinth. This design allows for the use of very high excursion transducers in a small listening environment while preserving the high SPL, clarity, and response characteristics similar to those of the Big E MVW alignment.

Available in 4 configurations. 8", 10", 12" and 15".

The design is very forgiving of driver choice. Low fs, long excursion drivers give the lowest response. Higher fs more efficient drivers give more spl. Experiment all you want with any driver, it will work.
The result is a flexible, accurate, high output subwoofer suitable for use in small listening environments such as mobile audio. With an Eminence Lab 12 it makes an excellent small home theater subwoofer
Pictured is the 15" version.

Fully dadoed for easy assembly. Comprehensive instructions are included. 5/8 baltic birch, the quality plywood used in all pro speaker cabinets yields a much better cabinet than typical mdf.

Click through the pictures for internal pictures of the construction.

Allow up to 14 business days for shipment. 12" and 15" cabs must ship to a commercial address, they are too heavy for home delivery. The closest fedex location to your address will be shipped to for pickup if you do not have a commercial address.


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