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D0607k Jack Plate Kit 2 1/4"
Price: USD $8.49
D9041kJack Plate Kit Blank
Price: USD $6.09
D9801 Deep Dish Dual NL4MPR
Price: USD $31.95
Deep Dish Dual NL4
Price: USD $18.99

Shipping & Inventory Update

Shipping will be closed from Dec 22 through Jan 8th.  Happy Holidays!

Please email about any order that includes drivers for availability. 

 Business is booming, and flat pack and shop built orders are once again stretching lead times. Plywood availability is becoming an issue.

Expect at a minimum of 4 weeks for any shop built order.  6-8 weeks for custom flatpacks.  We are not accepting custom built cabs at this time, only flatpacks and fEARful/ Fearless bass cabs.