A tale of two designers

When I started SpeakerHardware many years ago I had a vision. I wanted a place where talented amateur designers could bring their speaker designs to the rest of us. To be honest, I kind of lost that focus over time. The success of the Bill Fitzmaurice and greenboy diy speaker cabinets just kind of overwhelmed the original goal.

I have come back to that original goal with this new website. I have been pursuing new designs and designers for a while now, and will continue to do so. A bit of background and introduction to my 2 original designers is warranted.

Bill Fitzmaurice designs specializes in horns. Bill’s original site consisted of just 2 cabs, the DR250 and the Tuba 24 subwoofer. Which I built about 6 months after he first went on line. His designs were the motivation for SpeakerHardware. For which I owe Bill a debt of gratitude. Over the years it’s evolved into a complete line of PA, Bass Guitar, Subwoofers, Monitors and Home Audio. For practically every DIY cab of Bill’s designs we provide parts, flatpacks and support. Many years of audio engineering experience give Bill real world insights into what’s needed and what’s not. The hallmarks of his DIY cabs are affordability, efficiency, yankee ingenuity and tremendous support from his forum billfitzmaurice.info.

Dave greenboy Green was the second designer to come on board. Dave designed a series of bass guitar plans called the fEARfuls and just released them to the world for free. After a couple of builders of fEARful greenboy bass cabs approached me about supplying them parts, I asked Dave for permission to sell kits based on his plans. Extensively tested, tweaked and used by Dave himself before releasing, they represent a true boutique DIY bass guitar cabinet. The user base is quite large, motivated and helpful. His forum also provides a great deal of support greenboy.us.forum. There is also an extended line of cabs called Fearless which are Authorized builder models only, of which we can build those also.

Next time, the 3 new designers that have come on board.

Now the start of a recurring part of my blog. The SpeakerHardware shop sits next to the railroad tracks. Once upon a time our town was the headquarters of the MKT Railroad. Where my shop is located there were at one time 12 tracks running through town. The railroad is still important here, although now there are only 2 main tracks, and a half dozen or so switching tracks. Which is all a long way round to saying I take pictures of the best graffiti that comes by the shop on the rail cars. Some of it’s pretty astounding. I’m going to start posting a few with every blog. Just for fun.
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Shipping & Inventory Update

We are doing our best to get our products out to you in a timely, safe fashion. Expect partial shipments, as our inventory allows. The entire speaker industry is experiencing parts shortages, lead times will be long. 

Please email about any order that includes drivers for availability. 

The situation is changing too fast for me to keep the out of stocks listings current. The balance of any order will be sent as soon as we have product available.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Build Speakers.

As you may know, plywood prices are skyrocketing. We will strive to keep increases to minimum amounts to cover our changing costs. Availability is becoming an issue also. Business is booming, and flat pack and shop built orders are once again stretching lead times.

Expect at a minimum of 3 weeks for any shop built order. Thank you for the business, we are doing our best, working long hours to get them done.