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This has been a long road to make this website happen. I started planning and working on it over 2 years ago. The original site grew organically as the business grew. As a result, it was a mess. The average DIY speaker cabinet builder would drop in and have no idea what was going on. The clients coming from the Bill Fitzmaurice Forum, the greenboy fEARful/fearless forum,  and the BigE forum generally got around okay, but it was still confusing.

This is intended to fix all that. Expanded product offerings, better layouts and more information than ever before. It’s also mobile friendly.

I’m restarting my blog here and will be posting regular updates. There will be tips, tricks, videos from my youtube channel, and more. Show off your work. Post it to instagram, Facebook, twitter or any social media with #speakerhardware. I’ll find it and repost links to it here. Maybe your masterwork will get posted to the rotating banner.

Thanks for coming by. This is an amazing business with really excellent customers who are fun. We build fun stuff, and have a good time doing it. Please leave some comments on how you like the site and changes you’d like to see.  Just click the read more button below.



  • Hello can you supply or can i purchase a KFF126dlxkit – fEARful 12/6 Deluxe Kit in Australia

    • Hi Ray. We can supply you everything except the Eminence speaker. Eminence does not allow shipping outside North America for it’s American dealers.

  • If I have an older bass cab that needs a speaker, can I give you the interior dimensions and will you be able to let me know which speaker(s) would work? And if the cab would need modifications?

    • We can certainly suggest some drivers that will work. As to cabinet modifications, that’s getting into modeling, which we don’t do

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