SpeakerHardware Custom Shop

Got a unique speaker cabinet design you want to build, but don’t have the tools, or don’t know how?

Let our woodworking experts flatpack or build your custom cabinet. Many years of experience with complex cabinets gives SpeakerHardware builders a unique perspective and the ability to bring your custom design to life.

Our experienced team will take your plans and break them down, make suggestions to facilitate construction, and create your masterpiece speaker cabinet. Our CNC capability allows us to make complex parts easily, without requiring gcode. We exclusively work in 12ply 1/2 and 15ply 3/4 baltic birch. Any part over 60″ however will be made from high quality A/C ply. NO MDF, EVER.

Requirements for custom cabinets:
Measured drawings are required. Sketchup or Step files (Fusion) preferred. Drawings of completed cab, and each individual part. Please set Sketchup circles to 360 points when drawing. PDF format to scale drawings are also acceptable. Hand sketches are not acceptable unless drawn using drafting standards.

Email your plans and questions to custom@speakerhardware.com

You can even become part of the team at SpeakerHardware. We pay respectable royalties to our designers, and if yours fills a niche or is just an outstanding design you could become one of our featured designers.

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