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TLAH Home Theater Array Flat Pack

Tlah Driver Cut FP
8 mid cutout
9 mid cutout
Price: USD $209.95
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Bill Fitzmaurice Designs Home Theater Array Speaker Cabinets

The benefits of a line array are high sensitivity, wide horizontal dispersion, and a high degree of vertical pattern control

TLAH Home Theater DIY Line Array Cabinet Flat Pack Kit

  • Baltic Birch 1/2 plywood precut for easy assembly
  • All you need for assembly are a screwgun or brad nailer
  • countersink pilot drill, straight edge, saw, and a couple of clamps.
  • It is a ready to assemble box.
  • Square version only
  • Plywood for ONE speaker
  • Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery.

Complete details and plans required available from

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