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XF 2x10 Guitar Speaker Cab Kit

 Make no driver choice to order without speakers.
XF 210 Grille
Without Grilles
With 10" Waffle Grilles (+ USD $9.58)
Price: USD $42.95
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Bill Fitzmaurice Designs XF DIY Guitar Speaker Cabinets

In an audio engineering course on how not to build a speaker the typical electric guitar cabinet would be around the top of the list. Enter Plan ‘B’: the cross-firing XF guitar speaker.

  • The XF is available as the XF210 for two tens, the XF212 for two twelves, and the four driver XF410 and XF412.
  • While many guitar cabs are angled back a few degrees, the XF210 and XF212 have a rear tilt of 15 degrees, while the taller XF410 and XF412 have an 8 degree rear tilt.
  • With that much tilt-back you can actually hear what you're playing, even when you're only a few feet away from the cab.
  • The drivers also cross-fire inward, at a 20 degree angle.
  • This minimizes the center to center spacing of the drivers for reduced combing, and widens high frequency horizontal dispersion by up to 40 degrees compared to a flat baffle.
  • The XF can be built with a removable rear panel that allows it to be either sealed or open with the flick of a latch.

Complete details and plans are required and avaialable from


XF 210 DIY Guitar Speaker Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 23w x 12d x 8.25d (cab tapers to the top)x 14h
  • Weight: Approx 35-50bs dependent on driver.

Kit Contents

XF 210 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Kit Includes:

  • Every nut, bolt, screw and washer to complete your cab.  All hardware and screws are black
  • Gasket Tape
  • 1 tube PL Constuction Adhesive
  • 1/4 jack and round jack plate
  • 2 Flush latches for removeable back
  • Choose from every Eminence 10" Guitar driver, or no driver
  • These are all the hardware parts to build a cab
  • THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE PLYWOOD.  The flat pack is a separate item

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