Wedgehorn Monitor 6" Deluxe Kit

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Wedgehorns are specifically designed to deliver what you want to hear through high stage levels: Vocals

  • They do so with a wider dispersion angle than any commercial monitor.
  • The Wedgehorn 6, with 98dB/watt sensitivity, beats commercial wedges loaded with tens.
  • W6 is small enough to put atop other gear for very close placement, like a ‘hotspot’ style monitor, but unlike those you can actually hear a W6


Wedgehorn 6 DIY Monitor Kit

  • Dispersion: 140degrees
  • Response:  100-18k
  • Dimensions: 12inx12inx14in
  • Weight: Approx 18lbs, dependent on driver and hardware

Complete details and plans are available from

Kit Contents

Wedgehorn 6 Monitor Deluxe Kit Includes:

  • Every nut, bolt, screw and washer to complete your cab.  All hardware and screws are black
  • Gasket Tape
  • 10 Small Chevron Corners
  • 1 tube PL Construction Adhesive
  • Penn Elcom 0315 Strap handle
  • Dish with gasket, includes jacks with screws/bolts and wire connectors, choose your style
  • Eminence Alpha 6A .
  • Goldwood GT1005 Piezo tweeters
  • All crossover parts to spec, parts or prebuilt by SpeakerHardware.
  • All parts are tested and confirmed by the SpeakerHardware shop to fit a Wedgehorn

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