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Tuba 60 Touring Sub Kit

Tuba 60 Driver
Lab 15
Lab 12 ( USD $-95.00)
Lab 12c ( USD $-95.00)
Price: USD $329.95
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Tuba 60 12/15" DIY Folded Horn Subwoofers

by Bill Fitzmaurice Designs

When it comes to earth-shaking gut-wrenching low-down bass there's
no substitute for a folded horn.

Tuba Subs take advantage of proprietary folding topology to squeeze
the most performance possible from small woofers, and that translates
into huge bass from small cabinets,with high efficiency

  • An unexcelled combination of extension and sensitivity
  • Offers performance good enough for even the top ranks of pro-touring sound.
  • The design is ‘end firing’, so it may be placed laid down, or stood up on end where floor space is tight


Tuba 60 Subwoofer DIY Speaker Kit

  • Dimensions: 15-30w x 30d x 60h
  • Weight: Approx 100-120lbs dependent on driver, width, and hardware

Complete details and plans are available from

Kit Contents

Tuba 60 Subwoofer Kit Includes:

  • Every nut, bolt, screw and washer to complete your cab.  All hardware and screws are black
  • Gasket Tape
  • 8 Chevron or Metal Corners
  • 3 tube PL Constuction Adhesive
  • Dish with gasket, includes jacks with screws/bolts and wire connectors, choose your style
  • Lab12 or Lab15 drivers

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Tuba 60 Lab15

Duratex Roller Grade Gal Black
Tuba 60 Sub Flat Pack
Tuba 60 Sub Flat Pack
Price: USD $399.95
3" Heavy Duty Flush Caster
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