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Tuba 24 Subwoofer Kit

Price: USD $148.95
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Tuba 24 10" DIY Folded Horn Subwoofers

by Bill Fitzmaurice Designs

When it comes to earth-shaking gut-wrenching low-down bass there's
no substitute for a folded horn.

Tuba Subs take advantage of proprietary folding topology to squeeze
the most performance possible from small woofers, and that translates
into huge bass from small cabinets,with high efficiency


Tuba 24 DIY Subwoofer Kit

  • The ultimate in portability and power combined in a small package
  • Best run in pairs
  • Dimensions: 16in-24x24inx24in
  • Weight: Approx 35-5-lbs, dependent on driver and hardware

Complete details and plans are available from

Kit Contents

Tuba 24/Deluxe Kit Includes:

  • Every nut, bolt, screw and washer to complete your cab.  All hardware and screws are black
  • Gasket Tape
  • 8 Chevron or Metal Corners
  • 1 tube PL Constuction Adhesive
  • Dish with gasket, includes jacks with screws/bolts and wire connectors, choose your style
  • 4 Drivers to choose from
  • All parts are tested and confirmed by the SpeakerHardware shop to fit a Tuba.  Some handles are difficult to fit

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Tuba 24 S2010 16" wide

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Shipping will be closed from Dec 22 through Jan 8th.  Happy Holidays!

Please email about any order that includes drivers for availability. 

 Business is booming, and flat pack and shop built orders are once again stretching lead times. Plywood availability is becoming an issue.

Expect at a minimum of 4 weeks for any shop built order.  6-8 weeks for custom flatpacks.  We are not accepting custom built cabs at this time, only flatpacks and fEARful/ Fearless bass cabs.