TLAH Home Theater Array  Kit

TLAH Home Theater Array Kit

Xover Tlah
8 Mid 12 Tweeter (+ USD $19.95)
Prebuiilt 8/12 (+ USD $48.56)
Xover Tlah
9 Mid 12 Tweeter (+ USD $23.96)
Prebuiilt 9/12 (+ USD $51.49)
Price: USD $142.45
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Bill Fitzmaurice Designs TLAH Home Theater Array

The benefits of a line array are high sensitivity, wide horizontal dispersion, and a high degree of vertical pattern control

The TLAH combines the features of line array, transmission line and horn-loaded enclosures in an easy to build cabinet.
Only 40 inches high, and extending less than eight inches into the room,
these speakers project a huge soundstage similar to that formerly available only with large horns.
The triangular version  may be mounted a room corner, or hung mid wall.
The rectangular version may be wall hung or floor standing.

Complete details and plans are available from

TLAH DIY Line Array Cabinet

  • TLAH  gives a combination of high sensitivity, wide horizontal dispersion and tight vertical pattern control that traditional point source speakers can't deliver.
  • 8 drivers for 4ohm,or 9 drivers for 8 ohm, 12 tweeters
  • 40 inches tall, it may be made triangular for wall hung or rectangular for floor standing.
  • With 102dB/watt sensitivity, even small powered amps provide plenty of output.

Complete details and plans are available from


TLAH  DIY Line Array Kit Includes:

  • Every nut, bolt, screw and washer to complete your cab.  All hardware and screws are black
  • 1 tube PL Constuction Adhesive
  • 8 or 9 specified Goldwood midbass drivers
  • 12 Goldwood silk dome tweeters
  • All crossover parts


Excellent video from Builder Oscar Cavazos

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