SLA Home Theater L/R Mains Speaker Kit

Sla Center Selections
4mids, 6 tweets Straight
6mids. 9 tweets Straight (+ USD $70.00)
6 mids, 6 tweets Curve (+ USD $28.00)
9 mids, 9 tweets Curve (+ USD $115.00)
Price: USD $97.95
  • Description

Bill Fitzmaurice Designs Home Audio and Theater Short Line Array

The benefits of a line array are high sensitivity, wide horizontal dispersion, and a high degree of vertical pattern control
The SLA, Short Line Array, takes the line source concept to the small end of the scale.

  • The SLA may be built with four 4 inch midbasses and six tweeters
  • Or six 4 inch midbasses and 9 tweeters

Complete details and plans are available from


  • Straight 4 mid version 19h x 6 1/4d x 7 1/2w
  • Straight 6 mid version 28h x 6 1/4d x 7 1/2w

Kit Contents

SLA Home Theater L/R Mains Kit

  • Your choice of driver quantity
  • Specified Goldwood drivers and tweeters
  • Prebuilt crossovers on PC boards or just the crossover parts
  • All the screws and glue necessary to build the cab
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