Prebuilt 2k ASD Comp Horn Cabs

Piezo PB Crossover
8 ohm
4 ohm (+ USD $4.00)
16ohm (+ USD $5.00)
Price: USD $58.95
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Bill Fitzmaurice Designs Crossovers

Prebuilt 2k LP/HP Crossover ASD Compression BFM Horn Cabs

Complete details and plans are available from


Prebuilt 2k LP/HP Crossover ASD Compression BFM Horn Cabs

  • Assembled, complete 500w lowpass/high pass filter for ASD equipped BFM cabs
  • Simple installation, all terminals are clearly marked for amplifier and speaker leads.
  • 4,8 or 16 ohm for single and dual woofer cabs.
  • Select your style from the drop down box

Listing of Cabs to fit:

 Jack 10 - 8ohm

  DR200- - 8ohm

 Jack 210 - 4,16ohm

  DR250 -  8ohm

 Jack 12 - 4,16ohm

  DR280 -  4, 16ohm

  Otop 12 -  8ohm

 Jack 15 -  8ohm

  Otop 15 -  4,16ohm


Complete details and plans are available from


  • Preassembled Crossover on Circuit Board
  • Crimp terminals for board tabs
  • Screws and nylon standoffs for mounting
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