Otop 15 Compression Horn Driver Kit
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Otop 15 Compression Horn Driver Kit

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The Otop Series are the easy to build high output models of Bill Fitzmaurice Designs.

  • The OTop 15 may be built with a dual compression driver on a CD horn,
    or it may be built with a six element vertical tweeter array for
    line-array stacking of multiple cabs.
  • The OTop 15 may also be built with a twenty element cross-firing melded tweeter array,
    giving high frequency dispersion that no commercial PA top can match.
  • For the highest possible output at the longest throws, build yours with a premium compression driver on a line arrayable full cabinet height horn.
  • Also available in a J array trapezoid cab. The same kits fit both tradtional and trapeziod
  • One of our most popular kits

Complete details and plans are available from


OTop 15 Series PA

  • Dispersion with Piezo melded arrays:        120 degrees
  • Dispersion with  Diffraction Comp Horn: 100 Degrees
  • Power handling: Driver dependent. See options in drop down box for driver selection
  • Response:  50-18k
  • Dimensions: 22in x 22in x 18in
  • Weight: Approx 45-50lbs, dependent on driver and hardware.

Complete details and plans are available from


Otop 15 Compression Driver Horn Driver Kit:

  • Speaker of your choice from the selection box.
  • Eminence ASD1001, Faital HF102 or NSD2005 Compression Drivers
  • All crossover parts to spec, parts or prebuilt by SpeakerHardware.

1 1/2 Acoustic Eggcrate Foam
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