Omni 12 Std & TallBoy Driver Kit

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The Omni Series are the easy to build high output models of Bill Fitzmaurice Designs

This cabinet can be built by just about anyone, but that doesn't mean there's any scrimping on the performance

  • Utilizing a Eminence Deltalite II 2512 woofer, Alpha 6aCBMR  APT 80 drivers or APT 150,,
    the Omni 12 Fullrange is fully horn-loaded, and that means loud.
  • On average 3dB higher in sensitivity than commercial cabs, the Omni uses half the watts
    to reach the same volume level
  • High frequency dispersion that no commercial PA top can match.
  • As a cab for electric bass the Omni has deeper lows than the average 1x15,
  • Stronger mids than the average 2x10, and unsurpassed highs.
  • Keyboard players can finally hear their instruments with as much fidelity on stage as
    they are used to hearing in the studio.


Omni 12 Series PA Cabinet Kits

  • Power handling: 450w
  • Response:  40-18k
  • Dimensions: 28in x 24in x 15in
  • Weight: Approx 60lbs

Complete details and plans are available from

Kit Contents

Omni 12 Full Range Horn Driver Kit Includes:

  • All the Eminence speakers required
  • All the crossover components, parts or prebuilt by SpeakerHardware technicians

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Omni12 Deltalite 2512 APT80

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