Jack 1x10 Comp Horn Flat Pack

Jack/Hdle Cutout
Jack Plate/ Handle Cuts (+ USD $25.00)
No cuts.
Assembly Option
Flat Pack
Assembled, sanded, routered with 3/8 roundover, ready for finish (+ USD $300.00)
Price: USD $199.99
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The Jack 10 Compression Horn flat pack kit gives you precision precut plywood needed to build your cab

Complete details and plans are available from


  • Dispersion with Piezo melded arrays: 120 degrees
  • Dispersion with Diffraction Comp Horn: 100 Degrees
  • Power handling: Driver dependent.See options in drop down box for driver selection
  • Dimensions: 16in x 19in x 16in
  • Weight: Approx 30-35lbs, dependent on driver and hardware.

Kit Contents

  • Baltic Birch 1/2 plywood precut for easy assembly,
  • All you need for assembly are a screwgun or brad nailer,
  • countersink pilot drill, straight edge, saw, and a couple of clamps.
  • If ordered with a kit the cutouts for handles and dishes will be made.
  • It is a ready to assemble box.
  • There are 2 cuts that must be made as the cabinet is assembled
  • Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery.
1 1/2 Acoustic Eggcrate Foam
Duratex Roller Grade Gal Black
Hat 1 3/8 Cast
Hat 1 3/8 Cast
Price: USD $11.49
PL Premium 10.6 oz
PL Premium 10.6 oz
Price: USD $4.89
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