fEARful 12/6 Deluxe Kit

12/6 Crossover CBG or True
Greenboy CBG
True Crossover (tweeter required)
Price: USD $442.95
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fEARful 126 Bass Guitar Deluxe Speaker Kit

Utilizing the Eminence 3012lf woofer, and either the Eminence Alpha 6a/Alphalite or 18Sound 6nm410 midrange,
you get true boutique performance at a fraction of the boutique price.
Add in the ASD1001 tweeter kit to add some sparkle to your box. Strongly recommended.
The deluxe kit gives you every nut, bolt, screw, glue, and hardware needed to build your cab.
You can build with confidence knowing that EVERYTHING in the kit will fit.
The SpeakerHardware shop has tested and tried every component in the 12/6 kit for fit and performance.
All the hardware is Penn Elcom, quality built from one of the largest cab parts companies in the world.
The only items you need to add to complete your new bass cabinet are plywood, interior foam, a grille, and Duratex or other exterior finsh.
If you want the flattest response possible, or plan on using the cab for more than just
bass guitar, order the TRUE crossover options. The tweeter is mandatory with the TRUE crossovers.

Download PLANS

Kit Contents

fEARful 12/6 Bass Guitar Deluxe Speaker kit

  • Eminence 3012lf
  • 18Sound 6NM410 midrange or Eminence Alpha6/Alphalite. The 6nm410 is used if you plan on
    adding a 12sub subwoofer for extra midrange output. NOTE:XD125 will not fit cube format
  • ASD1001 and H70e horn tweeter optional
  • All the crossovers, please select your model from the dropdown box. High pass for the tweeter section
    includes the lpad.
  • 4 1686 Penn Elcom Rubber feet
  • 8 Protective corners, choose from Small Chevrons, or 1824 Metal Corners Black or Chrome
  • Many styles of handles available for the 12/6, Strap, or Penn 7154 folding (recommended)
    Note:Handle H1105 will not fit 12/6.
  • Several dishes with connectors, gasket, (except D023K), all the jacks, screws and bolts .
  • 1 tube PL Premium Polyurethane Adhesive
  • 5 ft connector wire
  • 5 ft gasket tape
  • Every screw, nut, bolt, and washer required for construction in the correct quantities to build the cab.

2ft of2 1/2 inch acoustic foamrequired, not included in this kit.
Precut Plywood is available here, not included in this kit
Precut and round grilles are avaliablehere, not included in this kit.

Specifications and PLANS

Download PLANS

12/6cube is a different form factor from the standard 12/6
Its dimensions are shorter and wider to make it easily stackable with a 15/6 or a 15 sub.
The internal volume, port area and tuning is the same as the standard 12/6.

  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Dimensions: 20.75"w x 20.5"h x 14.25"d
  • Tuning Frequency:~45-46.5 Hz
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Everything you need, together in one place!

- 03/30/2017

I ordered this kit, finding it very convenient that Leland had put together everything needed, without me having to piece-meal the order. Very convenient and worthy of thanks!

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Expect at a minimum of 4 weeks for any shop built order.  6-8 weeks for custom flatpacks.  We are not accepting custom built cabs at this time, only flatpacks and fEARful/ Fearless bass cabs.