DR200 Compression Horn Deluxe Kit

DR200 Compression Horn Deluxe Kit

DR200/50 2K Comp Driver
2 ASD 1001
2 Faital HF102 (+ USD $82.02)
No Handles
Flush & Dish Handles
Right Angle Handles
Strap Handles
Price: USD $199.95
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The DR DIY Horn Speakers are the flagship models
of Bill Fitzmaurice Designs

All the DR series cabs provide output far exceeding most expectations.

  • The DR200 is a small high output Horn loaded PA designed for use in multiple applications. 
  • The cabinet profile is trapezoidal, allowing vertical splaying of multiple cabinets in a line-array PA configuration with 6 degree splay.
  • You may build it with a sealed or vented driver chamber, frequency tuned.
  • If you prefer compression HF drivers the DR200 can be loaded with a pair of compression drivers on a wide dispersion vertical horn array that delivers a full 100 degrees of usable horizontal dispersion

Complete details and plans are available from


DR200 Compression Horn

  • Sensitivity with DeltaPro8: 104db
  • Dispersion with Piezo melded arrays:        120 degrees
  • Dispersion with  Diffraction Comp Horn: 100 Degrees
  • Power handling: Driver and cab port dependent. See options in drop down box for driver selection
  • Response: Long Port 60-20k, trade off lower power handling
  • Small Port and Sealed: 80-20k
  • Dimensions: 18.5in x 18.5in x 19in
  • Weight: Approx 40-45lbs, dependent on driver and hardware.

Kit Contents

  • Proprietary parts designed by Bill Fitzmaurice, built by SpeakerHardware, including foam phase plugs and 4" reflectors.
  • Choose your corner style Penn Small Chevron, Penn 1824 metal in black or chrome
  • Every nut, bolt, screw and washer to complete your cab.  All hardware and screws are black
  • Driver mounting screws for main driver and compression drivers
  • Gasket Tape
  • PL Construction Adhesive
  • Dish with gasket, includes jacks with screws/bolts and wire connectors, choose your style
  • Speaker of your choice from the selection box.
  • Handles of your choice from the selection box.
  • Eminence ASD1001 or Faital HF102 cd drivers
  • All crossover parts to spec, parts or prebuilt by SpeakerHardware.
  • All parts are tested and confirmed by the SpeakerHardware shop to fit a DR200.


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DR200 Compression Driver

Duratex Roller Grade Gal Black
Hat 1 3/8 Cast
Hat 1 3/8 Cast
Price: USD $10.49
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