Chris Cole 15-6 Sealed Bass Cabinet Flat Pack
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Chris Cole 15-6 Sealed Bass Cabinet Flat Pack

Jack/Hdle Cutout
Jack Plate/ Handle Cuts (+ USD $20.00)
No cuts.
Assembly Option
Flat Pack
Assembled, sanded, routered with 3/8 roundover, ready for finish (+ USD $200.00)
Price: USD $154.95
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Chris Cole Designs sealed 15-6 bass guitar cabinet kit.
Chris Cole designs emphasize simplicity and performance.
Utilizing off the shelf crossovers in simply designed, well braced cabinets,
these kits give the beginning builder an easy start, or the experienced builder
an excellent performing cab in a quick build.

The sealed 15-6 bridges the gap between traditional bass cabs and modern mid loaded cabs.  Most players are used to the feel and tone of traditional cabs but,
would like more clarity and dispersion of upper mid and treble frequencies.  Many have moved on to 2-way designs using high output woofers,
fully crossed over to a midrange driver. But, some find this approach to sound too clean and, even sterile.; The sealed 15-6 runs the woofer full range
to get alittle bass cab growl. The sealed design rolls off the deep lows gradually while adding just alittle low mid bump for some fatness.
The 6.5" mid is high passed where the woofer naturally rolls off to extend upper mids and treble, while greatly increasing off axis response.
The sealed 15-6 was designed to be an easy build using common, off the shelf components, and to provide a pleasing tone with a flat amp.

Chris Cole 15-6 Flat Pack kit: 

  • Baltic Birch 1/2 plywood with biscuit joints precut for easy assembly,
  • Biscuits included. The internal braces are all attached with pocket screws,
    which are included.
  • All you need for assembly are a screwgun or brad nailer,
  • countersink pilot drill, straight edge and a couple of clamps.
  • It is a ready to assemble box.
  • Construction with screws can be done in just over an hour.
  • Construction with a brad nailer can be done in ½ hour or less
  • Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery.

  • F3 63.81hz
  • F10 42.4hz
  • 262 watts all the way down
  • 350 watts down to 80hz
  • 40lbs finished weight

2 1/2 Acoustic Eggcrate Foam
Duratex Roller Grade Gal Black
GC Soundworks 8TS Grille
GC Soundworks 8TS Grille
Price: USD $19.95
PL Premium 10.6 oz
PL Premium 10.6 oz
Price: USD $4.89
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