Chris Cole 1212 Slant Bass Cabinet Deluxe Kit
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Chris Cole 1212 Slant Bass Cabinet Deluxe Kit

1212 Driver
Beyma 12WR400
Eminence Deltalite 2512 ( USD $-29.92)
Eminence DeltaPro 12-450 ( USD $-79.92)
Price: USD $454.95
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Chris Cole Designs 1212 Slant Baffle bass guitar cabinet kit.
Chris Cole designs emphasize simplicity and performance.
Utilizing off the shelf crossovers in simply designed, well braced cabinets,
these kits give the beginning builder an easy start, or the experienced builder
an excellent performing cab in a quick build.

The deluxe kit gives you every nut, bolt, screw, glue, and hardware needed to build your cab. 
You can build with confidence knowing that EVERYTHING in the kit will fit.
The SpeakerHardware shop has tested and tried every component in the 1212 kit for fit and performance.
All the hardware is Penn Elcom, quality built from one of the largest cab parts companies in the world.
The only items you need to add to complete your new bass cabinet are a grille, flat pack, acoustic foam and Duratex.

  • Beyma 12WR400, Eminence DeltaPro 12-450, or Eminence Deltalite 2512
  • Eminence BG25H tweeter
  • Eminence pxbII5K0 Crossover
  • Eminence Lpad
  • Complete Sketchup drawings included
  • 4 1686 Penn Elcom Rubber feet
  • Port Tubes cut to length at 45deg to minimize chuffing
  • 8 Protective corners, choose from Chevrons, or 1824 Metal Corners Black or Chrome
  • H1105 Penn Elcom Deep handles with gaskets and screws
  • Dish with connectors, gasket,all the jacks, screws and bolts. 6 Styles that fit
  • 1 tube PL Premium Polyurethane Adhesive
  • Connector wire
  • 5 ft gasket tape
  • Every screw, nut, bolt, and washer required for construction in the correct quantities to build the cab.

  • F3 62 hz
  • 30h x 15w x 18d
  • Weight approx 65lbs
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