Mini Statements Driver Kit

Mini Statements Driver Kit

Price: USD $342.95
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From the highly regarded SpeakerDesignWorks the Mini Statements are a smaller brother
to the flagship of their respected lineup of DIY home audio speakers.
The Mini Statements driver kit includes the drivers and crossover components necessary to complete a Mini Statment Tower speaker.

An expansive sound stage due to the open back mids
Superb imaging like the full size Statements, from the lightest tap on a triangle to the
thump from the lower registers of the bass these really shine.
The mids from the W4 are stunning.

  • 2 RS180-8 Woofers
  • 1 W41337 Tang Band Midrange
  • 1 Fountek Neocd 3.0 Tweeter
  • Solen & Erse Capacitors
  • Mills Resistors
  • Jantzne and Erse Coils
  • Precision Port cut to length

  • Cabinet: 39"h x 10"w x 13 3/4"d
  • Base: 3"h x 12"w x 15 3/4"d
  • 4ohms
  • Response Plot
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