Mini Statements Driver Kit

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SpeakerDesignWorks Mini Statements

The smaller brother of the highly regarded Statments

The Mini Statements driver kit includes the drivers and crossover components necessary to complete ONE Mini Statement Tower speaker

Designer Notes

An expansive sound stage due to the open back mids
Superb imaging like the full size Statements, from the lightest tap on a triangle to the
thump from the lower registers of the bass these really shine.
The mids from the W4 are stunning

Kit Contents

  • 2 RS180-8 Woofers
  • 1 W41337 Tang Band Midrange
  • 1 Fountek Neocd 3.0 Tweeter
  • Solen & Erse Capacitors
  • Mills Resistors
  • Jantzne and Erse Coils
  • Precision Port cut to length


  • Cabinet: 39"h x 10"w x 13 3/4"d
  • Base: 3"h x 12"w x 15 3/4"d
  • 4ohms
  • Response Plot
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