Helios Tower Flat Pack

Biscuit Construction If you are going to round over or miter the edges of the cab, do not choose biscuit construction. The biscuits can show through if you cut a deep roundover.
no biscuits
biscuits (+ USD $20.00)
Price: USD $229.95
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Not your typical MDF knock down kit. 3/4" 12 ply and 1/2 9 ply russian birch is used throughout.
Redesigned by the Speakerhardware Cabinet builders for ease of construction, these kits utilize professional cabinet construction methods.
Biscuits for ease of accurate assembly, pocket screws for tight, strong joints with minimal clamping. Our experience of designing and supplying
flat packs for the professional audio world where cabinets take abuse no home audio cab will ever see have given us the expertise to create kits
that are incredibly strong and easy to assemble
Minimal tools required for assembly.  A couple of 12" clamps, screw gun, #2 square drive bit 6" long are all that are required. A pin air nailer makes it much quicker, but is not necessary.

  • Precision cut 3/4 12ply and 1/2" 9ply(where required) void free Russian Birch
  • Pocket screws for the predrilled pocket screw assembly
  • Biscuits for easy alignment and glue up of panels
  • Sketchup file for reference during assembly

The russian birch plywood used in our flat packs is very high quality. The grain
is clear and has nice figuring that can be hard to see. It can be stained and varnised
just as it is with adequate preparation and the correct products. Birch has a reputation
for being splotchy. Through much trial and error of many products, we have found General Finishes Gel Water or Oil stains will
give you consistent, controllable color that can be gorgeous. This is subwoofer stained with General Finish Cherry.

Do not sand past 100g before
applying the stain, it will close the already close grain of the birch.

Of course the cabs can be painted or veneered. BB takes either very well.

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