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EpiGenetic 5 Deluxe Flat Pack Kit PAIR

Price: USD $399.95
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The EpiGenetic Series by BigE Loudspeakers bring outside the box thinking to the audio world

Interesting designs, combining old technology with new.  Labryinth based, but with modern thinking and twists

The EpiGenetic DIY cabs bring the flavor of the full patented MVW design to the home builder. 

The EPG5 is a totally surprising small dynamo. Smoothly accurate, detailed.
Significant bass response from such a small cabinet. Far better than any store bought small speakers
Boundary loading is recommended, wall or corner if possible.
They make an outstanding left - center - right combo for a small home theater.
Labryinth design in combination with a pro audio driver create stunning combination


EpiGenetic 5

  • 60Hz tuning
  • F3 of 50Hz
  • 105db max SPL
  • 12h x 8d x 8w Trapezoidal shape

Kit Contents

A complete flat pack kit to build BigE Epi-Genetic 5's.

  • Precut plywood.
  • 2 - 5" Faital drivers  
  • 2 1" Vifa silk dome tweeters
  • Crossover parts are quality audiophile grade, foil inductor, 400vuf poly caps,
  • Gold plated binding posts
  • Interior baffle comes pretreated with damping applied per BigE specifications. 
  • Brad or pin nailer assembly is recommended. 
  • Construction screws not included with this kit. 
    A sketchup file and prelminary directions will be emailed with each order.
    Detailed directions are being written.
    It is more complex than a standard cab, but easily assembled with a pin nailer. 
    Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery.
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