BigE D10 Crossfire Dual 10" PA Flat Pack
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BigE D10 Crossfire Dual 10" PA Flat Pack

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BigE Loudspeakers epitomize out of the box thinking about loudspeaker design. The Epigenetic Series are their line of
speakers designed for the DIY world. Innovative and interesting, BigE designs deliver on their promises. The D10 is a no holds
barred dual driver array style cab that won't disappoint.

The Big E Loudspeakers designed Epigenetic Series EpG-d10 is a high output wide dispersion (over 120 degrees in the horizontal plane)
PA top with frequency extension from 55Hz to over 18Khz. This loudspeaker is designed for high audio impact.
The design of the EpG-d10 (like all Big E designed PA tops) is to deliver significant bass information cues to the listener
thus diminishing bass frequency localization from the subwoofers. This is accomplished using the Big E Epigentic (EpG) design.
The EpG design appears to be a standard bass reflex enclosure but is far more. This design utilizes many of the same multi-turbulent hydrodynamic principles
used in the patented Big E Manipulated Vortex Waveguide (MVW) thus allowing the loudspeaker to project bass location and harmonic information to the listener.
These cues make the bass information seem to the listener as if it were emanating from the PA top but in reality the EpG unit is augmenting the signal from the subwoofer(s).
Like all EpG PA tops the EpG-d10 produces significant bass information on its own and may be used as a standalone loudspeaker.
However, for optimal bass performance a Big E subwoofer should be employed.

  • Dispersion 120deg
  • Frequency Response 55hz-18khz
  • 22 3/4w x 13 1/2h x 18 3/4d
  • weight Approx 65lbs

Fully dadoed for easy assembly. Comprehensive instructions and sketchup files are included.
5/8 baltic birch, the quality plywood used in all pro speaker cabinets yields a much better cabinet than typical mdf.

Click through the pictures for internal pictures of the construction.

Allow up to 14 business days for shipment.

12 or 15in Comp Cube

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