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Wedgehorn 6" Deluxe Kit 
Wedgehorn 6" Deluxe Kit Discounts Apply !
4 Cab Discount

Kit includes:
Alpha 6a
Piezos 4 Goldwood 1016. 
3x5 Jack Plate and gasket, your choice of style
Select a filter, either biamp, components, or prebuilt from the dropdown box.
Penn Elcom Strap Handle
10 Plastic Chevron Corners
1 tube PL Premium Glue
1 bottle ABS Glue
All the screws,gasket and wire needed for assembly and speaker mounting
All the hardware and screws are blackScrew complement includes cabinet screws,
socket head cap screws hurricane nuts, flat head and pan head screws for hardware
Instructions for which screws to use in each application
Literally all you need to add is the wood, interior damping and exterior finish.

Price: USD $89.95


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